To create the layout for your website we are going to be using the Divi theme, which you can download below. There are lots of tutorials already built into Divi under Divi>Support Centre but here are some more in depth tutorials.

Divi is a MASSIVE part of what we are going to be focusing on in the Academy and it may take you a while to get to grips to it, so we usually take at least 2 weeks to focus on this module.

Please ask for any help you need, as this is the actual site building and bringing your website vision to life!

Please note: To be able to update Divi I will need to put my licence key in (this then gives you a lifetime licence to the theme). You need to make sure you add me as a user to do this and let me know when you have installed Divi (watch the previous video ‘Themes’ to show you how to do that). Once your licence is active you will also be able to update the Bloom plugin.