How to build your own website

I know that feeling…

You are trying to be everyone in your business, come up with the ideas, accountant, social media manager, planner, admin assistant and oh creator of your own website – but with that one it’s not so straight forward and you haven’t got a clue where to start!

I remember my first website. It was a drag and drop website that I just couldn’t get how I wanted it to look. So I got my husband to write the code to an amazing website that I had the idea for – I just needed someone to bring it to life for me.

But, do you know what? It was a pain! It looked all lovely but if I wanted to change anything, other than basic text or images, I had to ask him to do it and well, you can imagine how long I had to wait for that to get done!

So I decided to learn a bit of coding so I could make some changes. I was fed up of having to rely on someone else to make my ideas a reality, especially when he kept telling me that what I wanted couldn’t be done. Surely everything can be done, right?

I HATE relying on other people, sure if I haven’t got the time to do something I ask someone else. But sometimes I would much rather do it myself – because, well, I know it will get done EXACTLY how I want it! It’s also so empowering to know that you know how everything works, you can do what you need to do and then if you don’t have the time THEN get someone else in. When you know what you are doing it also helps you to not get ripped off – something I find happening to so many women in the past few years.

So, what I did was come up with something a bit special and instead of just creating websites for women I thought that I would actually show them how to do it themselves. So that YOU can gain the skills and confidence to get it looking how you want, so YOU can make changes as and when you please and basically so YOU don’t have to rely on anyone else, well unless you want to of course 😉

So what do you get in this awesome package?

Two hours with me (one per week) where I show you how to install WordPress, add a theme and the necessary plugins you need. I generally use the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, so I will throw this in as well so we are both on the same page 🙂

I will then show you how to add pages and posts, create a menu and customise your website.

  • Show you how to add layouts to your pages and add your copy and images.
  • How to create your own layouts
  • How to link to an email provider so you can add an opt in
  • Then I also give you a further half hour chat with me, after the two weeks, so you have had the chance to have a play and I can answer any questions you may have.
  • You also have a months access to my how to videos and will get a checklist to make sure you have completed each step.

All in all you can get a website up and running, by doing it yourself, in two weeks! All you need is a domain name (a website address) and I can even offer you a FREE years hosting (think of it like your rental of Internet space for a year).

You don’t just get a website though, you have a website you know how to use and can also easily make your own changes and get it looking exactly like that idea in your mind that you didn’t think could come to life!

If you’re ready to get this done now, so am I! Forget the lengthy courses, instead let’s meet for an hour a week, over two weeks (online or offline) and I’ll show you what to do – then I will MAKE sure you DO IT! So plenty of accountability.

Want to chat to me before booking? Then feel free to contact me, using the form below, and let’s set up a chat.

But if you are ready to book your first session then click that lovely pink button below and let’s get started!


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