Gain the skills and confidence you need to create your own website

The DIY Website Success Academy is an 8 week training and mentoring program for entrepreneurs who want complete control over building their own professional and client winning website.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and make an impact on the world?


Are you a female entrepreneur who needs an online presence to express what you do and be found online? 


Or maybe you already have a website and are suffering from what I call ‘website shame’ – where it’s either not doing what you want it to do or it just looks awful and you are hiding it away!


You may be sitting there staring at the screen, daily, not even knowing where to start!

Or you’ve Googled your life away, watched the Youtube tutorials, downloaded the “free” website builders and the only thing you have achieved is that you have wasted a hell of a lot of time, going round in circles listening to conflicting advice and still don’t have a website!

You want a website that looks good, works well and makes money so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.  

But most of all you want to be in control and as your business grows and develops you want your website to grow with it, without waiting for someone else to do it or paying out time and time again.

A website for your business is that niggling task on your to-do list that you never complete. You know that 87% of all purchases are done online so having a website is essential and you need one to enable your business to grow and become more credible so why do you keep putting it off?

The dream of starting a business to give you more freedom and do what you love is slowly fading as you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock with all the techy stuff.

But you just don’t want to pay over the odds for a designer (and then realise it’s not what you wanted) and you want to be able to make changes yourself (budget-friendly, especially as your business grows and develops or you change your mind about what you want – another huge website bill is not what you will welcome!)

I’m Lisa Rees and I am your Website Wonder Woman

I’m Lisa, also known as Website Wonder Woman and I have been learning all about the world of websites for a number of years – launching my first website back in 2008.

I have also been running my business from home whilst bringing up my children since 2015, creating, supporting and training inspirational women in everything website related. Growing it to a successful and global business where I have created or worked on over 500 websites in that time!

What all those women have in common is a passion and a vision for their business but a lack of technical expertise.

I’m not saying that I know it all but I know a hell of a lot when it comes to websites and WordPress, and I am constantly learning and have a passion for creativity and all things techy!

I’m also very good at explaining things SIMPLY and EASILY so that even the most technophobe amongst you will be able to follow.

Lots of women don’t have the skills to attempt to build their own websites. But I also found that even if they did have the skills needed they lacked the confidence to use them for fear of ‘breaking’ something. 

I want to change that.

So I created the DIY Website Success Academy because I want to empower women to take control and take their businesses forward online.

Introducing the DIY Website Success Academy


My DIY Website Success Academy is a training and mentoring program for female entrepreneurs who want to get their business online. 

Combining live tailored coaching and video tutorials, you will learn, step by step, how to build your own website and also how to grow that website in the future.

This isn’t a “go away and watch this video” course, this is a “hands-on, roll your sleeves up and we’ll get this done together” Academy.  

I want you all to leave this course with a fully functioning, professional and beautiful website that you can’t wait to shout about and show the world and they love it too!

Are you holding back from creating a website because you’re so intimidated by the tech?

  • Where to start?
  • What do you do next?
  • How do you get the website to connect to the domain name?
  • How do you make sure your website looks how you want it to?
  • How do you put a shop on your website?
  • What do you use for the best results?
  • What’s a “theme” or a “plugin”?
  • Worried you are going to break something?

It’s not long before it’s gotten so complicated and confusing you’ve given up.

What do past students think?

Hilary Thomson

Harriet Havelin

Jane Baker

I remember the days that if you want a website the start costs where around £3-5k and where built on complex systems like Dreamweaver & Joomla. You weren’t allowed to access your site and if you wanted any changes done it would cost a small fortune. Then along came WordPress, which was a game-changer and it opened up the market to sites such as Wix, Squarespace, Google Pages, Lead pages, Kajabi etc.

Purchasing the course was an easy decision. I took part in the 5 Day Plan Your Website Challenge. I know from my own work that the biggest reason websites fail is due to the fact that very little planning goes into it at the beginning and what the client ends up with at the end isn’t what they really want and worse – it doesn’t help with their marketing!

I have always wanted to learn how to use WordPress correctly as it is the generally the software I recommend that business should use to build their website.

What I have loved about the course is the support and guidance provided by Lisa. Every question is answered and addressed. The modules are easy to follow and it provides everything you need from just a simple site to a full-on membership site or e-commerce.
The support alone is worth more then what I paid for the course.

This course is a no brainer for me – it will help you build a website that works for your business and it will give you the knowledge you need in the future as your business grows and you need help, you will know what experts are talking about and won’t end up with a website that doesn’t work for you and your business. It is like owning your own house.
I have worked in marketing for most of my life. For the past 20 years, I have helped small business with their marketing. A good website is the foundation for the majority of marketing activity an SME needs to do, especially after the year 2020!

Shamaine Robinson

The DIY Website Success Academy is for you if:


If you are desperate to get your business online


You have a website but you’d rather run naked across a football pitch than have prospective clients looks at it


You want are scared of technology so need someone to hold your hand


You want a professional website but you are a control freak and want to do it yourself


You want to have something that you built yourself and can be proud of AND that looks professional

The DIY Website Success Academy will help you grow your business and give you the freedom and choice to work in the way that best suits you and your family.

You will learn new skills, but you’ll also have the opportunity to practice these skills (with me fully behind you in case things go wrong) and end up with an amazing website.

I also teach you exactly how I would do it, so you take on my expertise to create a professional looking site that your clients will love.

You are also continuously learning, so can not only make any changes or updates to your site as your business grows even further but can create as many websites as you like with no extra cost (apart from set up costs).

In the Academy you will learn:

Module 1 - Planning

Planning is the foundation of every website and in this module we go over:

  • Getting clear on your business, what you offer and who your serve and your technical confidence
  • Researching your industry
  • Layout research
  • Your website mission and the customer journey
  • Putting it all together


Module 2 - Website Basics

Getting everything set up and creating the correct environment and foundations to build your website on, so in this module we will be covering:

  • Buying a domain name
  • Setting up hosting
  • The hosting control panel
  • Setting up a security certficate
  • Creating a domain email address
  • Setting PHP memory levels
  • Installing WordPress
Module 3 - WordPress

I use WordPress on all my websites I create and I find it can do anything I want it to do! But a lot of people can often be put off on how to use it, so in this module we will be covering:

  • The WordPress dashboard
  • Settings
  • Adding a page
  • Adding a post
  • Setting the homepage
  • Creating a menu
  • Updates
Module 4 - Plugins

WordPress gains most of its functionalities through plugins. There are millions of plugins out there to do just about anything you need so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So this module we will be covering how to install plugins, what ones you need and how to set them up and use them.

Module 5 - The Divi Theme

I use the Divi theme, from Elegant Themes, on all of my websites and not only is it easy to use but you can create just about any layout, so in this module we will be covering:

  • Installing Divi (of which a lifetime licence is included – worth $249)
  • Creating a child theme
  • Theme options
  • Customising Divi
  • Creating pages with Divi
  • Customising pages
  • Creating a blog page
  • Creating a contact page
Module 6 - Sales Funnels/Mailing Lists

Setting up a mailing list with Mailerlite and integrating it with your websites, along with creating opt in forms and sales pages on your website and also sending out newsletters and automated emails.

Module 7 - SEO

SEO is a minefield so in this module we will be covering some basic SEO techniques:

  • What is SEO
  • Choosing keywords
  • Google Search Console
  • Backlinks
  • Site speed
  • Bounce Rate
Module 8 - Launching

Launching your site, maintenance going forward and what’s next.

What’s included:


  • Complete ownership and control of your website
  • A future-proofed website that grows with your business
  • The skills and the confidence to add all the functionalities you need and make changes as your business develops so no more paying out for support or re designs) – you break anything I fix it (the perfect safety net considering I normally charge £50 per hour for this!)
  • A website that looks EXACTLY how you imagined it
  • Instant and lifetime access to the how-to video vault (that sells on it’s own for £400!)
  • Two Q&A Calls via Zoom weekly (on any aspect of the course, where we share screens and I guide and support you so you can watch me do it or I can direct you what to do live) – I charge £100 per hour for support calls so that’s worth thousands in itself! You can access these calls as and when for 6 months after joining.
  • Advice and help that you can understand, even if you are not techy!
  • 6 months access to the Facebook Family for feedback, bouncing ideas, support and accountability (there’s no point joining if you are not going to do the work and we can’t kick your arse!) There is also a wide range of expertise of students in the group so you get more advice that just websites.
  • A years access to the premium Divi theme (which is a premium WordPress theme that is used to build your site)so you don’t need to pay out anything else to create your site, apart from your domain name, or have worry about which theme to choose or changing your mind on layouts as with Divi we build the layouts to your plan and it’s fully changeable! (worth £80)


Access to guest experts covering topics such as website marketing, video, blogging, email systems and more added all the time!

I’ll be with you every step of the way.  You will not be left to struggle alone.

What makes the DIY Website Success Academy different?

The DIY Website Success Academy is different from any other business course you’ve done before because of the level of support you get from me.

An important promise from me; anything you break I will be there to fix.  I hear this all the time “I’m afraid to do anything in case I break it” but now you will have the confidence to try things without that fear holding you back!

 The reason for the high level of support is beacuse I know you want to do this but it can be so confusing and I am totally commited to helping you!


How is the Academy delivered?


Hint: It’s not your usual run of the mill course – it’s so much more and you can join at any time and work through at your own pace with full support!



You will have life time access to a vault of “How-to” videos that you can watch as many times as you need to


Access to Support Zoom calls once a week to troubleshoot and answer all your questions and provide tailored training to what YOU need to know that week instead of wasting time learning stuff you just don't need to know


A dedicated implementation hour, as I know how difficult it is to carve time out to get things done. So we do this weekly as a group


Access to a private Facebook group with all the other DIY’ers - for extra support (we like to call it the family!)


Why should I do the Academy and not pay a designer?

You can totally pay a designer to create your website, it’s probably going to cost more and then you are most likely going to forget about it. You’re not going to know how to make any changes (and if you do what happens if something goes wrong?) and as your business grows and develops do you really want to keep paying out for major changes and to add things like a shop etc.?

So many women come to me and they don’t have any control whatsoever over their website, some don’t even access! To even make the simplest changes costs at least £30 so in the long run you are going to be saving money, especially if you have a few businesses or websites to create!

Also the reason most of my students love my Academy is because they are in total control, if they don’t like something they can play about with what it looks like or does, they have all the expertise of their business and a vision in their head – with my website expertise they can bring it to life!

When does the Academy start?

You can join at any time and will have 6 months access to the main group and support and then have the option to continue support in The Tech Tavern.

Once you have paid you can start straight away!

What platform do we build the website on?

All my websites are created on WordPress and it is where my speciality lies, so that’s what we will be using! We will also be using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes to create the layouts and a lifetime licence to the theme is included.

What level of support do I get?

Along with the actual course you will also be added to a private Facebook Group, where you can post support questions at any time.

I am around in the Facebook group to answer any questions you may have, via commenting or creating you an extra how to video – to make sure you know how to do EVERYTHING you want to do on your website.

Twice a week we also have hour long Zoom sessions, where I answer any questions and also teach you what you NEED to know to create your website vision – no more wasting hours learning things you don’t need!

(the calls are on a Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.00am and are also recorded and uploaded to the Facebook group so you can ask questions in advance and watch in your own time).

You have 6 months access to this support.

How much of my time will it take?

It does require a few hours per week commitment (two hours minimum) to get your website fully up and running but you can realistically get a website set up in a few short weeks (depending on the amount of time and effort you put in).

If you do one module a week it will take you 8 weeks in all, but you can watch the videos in your own time and get it done much faster!

On average it takes around 2 months for a designer to create a site for you and you will keep these skills for life so you can always make your own changes and improvements without waiting around for someone else to do it for you.

Why do I need this course?

Becasuse you are fed up of not having a website holding you back in your business.

This is a hands on course which will not only show you how to create your own website but potentially give you the skills and knowledge you need to set up and sell websites for others.

What if I already have a website?

It’s also ideal if you already have a website but you want to start again from scratch, or you already have a site built with Divi (or are a VA that manages sites for your clients) and want more in depth knowledge on how to use and make the most of it.

Do you I need any prior knowledge or buy anything before hand?

All you will need is a domain name and hosting (and there’s a video showing you how to go about that so you don’t need it before the course starts).

Most of my past students had no prior knowledge in creating websites before and have created the most amazing sites – everything you need is within the course (apart from the PC, Mac or Laptop to work on!)

What happens after the 8 weeks are up?

You have lifetime access to the how to videos (and any updates to those). But you will only remain in the Facebook group and have access to the support calls for 6 months. This is to encourage you to stop putting creating your website off and make it your priority. In the last module of the course I will explain the other options I have for you going forward.

The other reason that I do this is originally everyone was allowed to stay in the group and beginners often felt overwhelemed at the skills of others that had been in the group for so long. So I want to make this a space where you not only grow your skills but also your confidence!

You will be informed of various options to continue support if needed.

Past students websites

Here are some examples of websites created by past students using the skills they gained from the course.



Once paid you will receive an email with your login details so you can login straight away and get started. You can also join the Facebook support group on the Thank You page.

The group Q&A sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am and if you can’t make it you can submit questions beforehand and I will go through them on the call.

Some more past student’s testimonials

Lisa lives up to her name as the Website Wonder Woman. She has the magic to drag skills out of you which you never knew existed.

She is the most patient person I’ve have ever “met” I can be pretty needy at times, and she is so happy to hold your hand throughout everything.

My whole website knowledge comes from Lisa, I’ve been around a long time, but when I decided to rebuild a new website, the DIY Website Success Academy was ideal to get me started again, even though I’d built a website before, I was still so daunted.

The DIY Website Success Academy comes with a fabulous group of people who are all at different stages so it’s an ideal community for learning and getting feedback.

What I loved the most about the academy was all the videos in the group, literally Lisa goes through everything with you and at a fabulous pace too.

Whats more, if you’re struggling, Lisa will nip on a live feed and explain it all in detail, she’s even been known to log in and help you whilst on holiday!
Now thats dedication…

I would sign up again in a heartbeat.
My advice to anyone who’s struggling or on the fence is to invest in the course and I can bet my life on it you won’t be disappointed.



I wanted a new website, but being a control freak, I like to be able to alter things myself. However, I’m also not the best with technology. So…i was delighted when I found Lisa’s course – DIY website success. I now have a lovely new website, know how to amend it myself, with the knowledge that I have access to Lisa for support. Lisa has been so helpful, and patient with me, and was happy to answer any questions, and I had plenty! Lisa is indeed a Website Wonder Woman. Thank you.